Brush Princeton Acrylic Paint Brush

Princeton Acrylic Paint Brush

This offering from Princeton has enough merits to please any acrylic painter – even professionals. With great hog fiber bristles that are also synthetic, these brushes perform more than just fine for acrylic as well as oil painting. Available in a huge variety of shapes, if you decide to vouch for these brushes you’ll never need another one.


  • The hog fiber bristles have multiple splits at the end of each bristle, making them way more color than other bristles and giving a more smooth and even coat of paint.
  • And the bristles are also very durable as they are synthetic and even after soaking them several times, there was no sign of any kind of wear and tear.
  • Apart from that the brushes also come in various sizes and kinds – Round, Flat, Filbert, Bright, Fan and Angle bright – so, if you love these brushes then you’ll have to never go for anything else if you don’t want to.
  • And it is possible because not only these brushes are durable and perform really well, but they also are very comfortable to use for longer sessions of work.
  • It performs better than most other brands and we recommend it for intermediate and professional artistry.
  • But you’ll have to shell out a few extra dollars to get all of these merits.